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This is the subscription for your agency level account (the amount you are paying per month).

On this page you can upgrade your account subscription and purchase more message credits.

Current pricing and packages available on stammer.ai/pricing.

Plan Features Explained

KeyStartup PlanAgency PlanFull SaaS Mode

Price Billed Monthly

$197 /month, billed monthly

$497 /month, billed monthly

$997 /month, billed monthly

Price Billed Quarterly

$97 /month, billed quarterly

$297 /month, billed quarterly

$497 /month, billed quarterly

A.I. Agents

5 A.I. Agents

30 A.I. Agents

100 A.I. Agents

Client Sub-Accounts

5 Sub-Accounts

30 Sub-Accounts

Unlimited Sub-Accounts

Message Credits

5K Message Credits

30K Message Credits

100K Message Credits

White Label API




White Label Free Trials




Buy More A.I. Chatbots

Purchase additional Chatbots that will get added to your agency's available chatbots that can be purchased and deployed to your clients.

Each additional A.I. chatbot can be purchased for $15 /month.

The more you buy, the cheaper they are!

Buy More Message Credits

When you purchase additional message credits these will be added to your agency's balance. These credits will never expire.

  • 2,000 message credits for $10 ($0.0050 / message credit)

  • 12,500 message credits for $50 ($0.0040 / message credit)

  • 35,000 message credits for $100 ($0.0029 / message credit)

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