White Label API x Zapier X Slack Example

Goal: Create an A.I. Chatbot in Slack

Step 1: Setup the Zap:

  • You can use the Zapier A.I. builder and type in "New Slack Message to Webhook to Slack Message"

  • Or manually create a 3 step Zapier where the trigger is "New Message" which sends the data to the Stammer.ai API and gets the A.I. chatbot response.

High level, this is what the Zap should look like.

Step 2: Setup the New Message Trigger

  • Sign into your Slack account

Step 3. Send the new user message to the Zapier webhook

  • Under the dropdown menu for Event and select POST

Step 4. Setup the Action Step

  • URL: Paste in your white label webhook URL

  • Payload Type: JSON

  • Data: Add two fields with the following information

    • chatbot_uuid - [paste in the chatbot UUID found in the chatbot settings]

    • query - [Select the message that was received in the first Zap step]

    • user_key - [select a unique ID to identify each user's conversation]

  • Wrap Request in Array: No

  • File: Leave Empty

  • Unflatten: Yes

  • Basic Auth: Leave empty

  • Headers: Add one field

    • Authorization - Token [paste in your API Key]

Step 5: Send A.I. response back to user in Slack

  • Event: Send Channel Message

  • Select the the Answer field as the response to send back to a user in Slack

And that's it you're done!

Your completed Zapier should look something like this:

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