Technical Questions

How can I tweak the tuning of the chatbots, for example output length and formulation? (Is this all done by the default prompt?)

This is done in the base system prompt. Example: if you'd like the responses to be no more than three sentences, you would add a line in the base system prompt that says something to the effect of "All answers should be under three sentences".

Is it possible to integrate other chatbot solutions/ LLMs into your system, for example through an API? We have a fully trained Norwegian LLM (only trained on Norwegian data) coming soon and there are some tasks where the training set in Norwegian for GPT4 (only 0.2%) is too small to handle the tasks.

As of right now no, but this is something we will be introducing in the near future.

Do you offer human handoff solutions and/or integrations to CRMs like Zendesk?

We do offer integrations via our API. Currently the human handoff is done via a combination of editing the base system prompt and adding automation within the system it is integrated into. We are working on this as we speak to improve the handoff process.

Can the chatbot receive documentations (files), offer pre-made button options and have interactive aspects inside the chatbot? (For example a booking section for hotel clients)

We do not offer this at the moment but it is something on our roadmap that we may look to develop in the future.

Can the client see/ keep track of previous conversations people have had with their chatbot? (The same way you can look at this in the agency admin dashboard).

Yes, clients can see previous conversations that people have had with their chatbot.

Do you offer KPIs for the client (and me) to see how many people have used the chatbot, answer times, agent times etc?

We are currently working on an analytics dashboard so that you can view KPI's.

How can I integrate it with other apps (calendal, HubSpot, Zendesk etc) if it is not available in your integrations section? Will this then have to be done through API, and if so how will the interface look and how will that work in practice?

We have an open API so you can integrate with almost any platform even though it may not be listed within the integrations section.

With the paid (non-trial) versions can I scrape more than 100 pages?

Yes, absolutely! In theory, there is no limit.

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