Training Better Responses

Keep your chatbot's knowledge base up to date with how users are actually engaging with it.

There are two ways to update the knowledge base with better responses.

Option 1: Chatbot Dashboard Tab

When you are using the chatbot inside your dashboard, you can ask it a question, observe the response and then if you don't like it then you can click the button "Train Better Response" and type in the appropriate response as you see fit.

When you click save, the query and response will be added to the Q/A section of the knowledge base.

Option 2: Chatbot Conversations Tab

You can monitor the conversations your chatbot is having with customers and train better responses as needed from this window as well.

This is useful to keep track of any answers that may be slightly "off".

When you save a better response from this area, it is also saved to the Q/A section of the knowledge base.

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