😇White Label Free Trials

Offer free trials (no credit card required) to your clients under your white label dashboard.

This feature is for Full SaaS Mode subscribers only.

One of the most powerful SaaS features,

1. User goes to your website: User goes to your website and is interested in starting a free trial for a custom AI chatbot from you. (www.YourDomain.com)

2. User signs up for a free trial: User is re-directed to your to your white label login page where users can click the "create account" button. (app.YourDomain.com/accounts/signup?next=/)

3. New Free Trial Client - User is Directed Back to Your White Label Dashboard: A new sub-account and trial chatbot will be created allowing users to create and train an AI chatbot without having to enter their credit card (limited to 50 message credits which are deducted from your agency pool)

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