Could you elaborate a bit on the data security aspects of your solution, specifically the ยซself-contained botsยป point? Does this point mean that no information given as input to the chatbot (either as questions asked in the chat widget or in the knowledge base) will be stored or used by OpenAI to train their new models?

The data is stored on our encrypted server and only the contextual bits that are found from the semantic search are sent to open AI to generate the response and because we're using the API in openAI's policy says that any data sent to and from through their API is not used to train their models.

Are there also any other vital points regarding security or data security that I should know about since I operate in the EU/ Norway?

We have our policy which complies with all general and known laws.

How is it with agreement and contract, do you offer a standardized set that I can use/present to my clients?

We do not offer this since we have clients across the globe and contract terms vary from country to country.

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