👋Welcome to Stammer.ai

Hello and welcome to Stammer.ai!

Our adventure began in 2023, from our co-founder Ross's extensive background in web development and digital marketing, alongside the inspiration drawn from OpenAI's ChatGPT.

How AI Agencies Work

How Stammer.ai was Created 👉

Recognizing the potential for a specialized AI service for agencies, we quickly moved from an idea to a MVP product with paying customers by May 2023.

White labeling and the platform's ability to take in customer feedback into direct changes has been a game changer to the growth and success of Stammer.ai early on.

Encouraged by the positive response from agency owners to our initial MVP, we committed fully to enhancing the platform, utilizing valuable insights and feedback from our Alpha agency users to continuously squash bugs and significantly improve the core functionality with every release.

Stammer Goes "Viral" on Socials

Ross starts talking about AI in his videos, casually mentioning Stammer in a few videos. This ignites the AI tool "experts" who begin promoting Stammer in their videos as the latest and greatest thing which brings in thousands of new users.

Amidst the growing popularity of the "AAA" model (AI & Automation Agencies) and the success of numerous agencies selling AI solutions, our team expanded by hiring several new engineers and support staff to scale up operations and optimize all of the latest features and updates.

2024 Will Be The Year of A.I.

As free weekly office hours calls grow increasingly popular, more agency owners attend to ask questions, seek clarifications, request assistance, and share the latest strategies on what's working.

As agencies continue to use the platform, our community starts to grow and more agencies start to share how they are using and selling Stammer.ai to their clients.

For 2024, the Stammer.ai team is focused on optimizing existing functionality, while strategically introducing new enhancements & features.

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Let's create the next generation of custom AI agents together.


Ross & Tim

Co-Founders, Stammer.ai

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