Sub-Account Wallet

The Sub-Account wallet is used to manage the usage and billing for AI agents in that client's sub-account.

The Sub-Account Wallet

  • Each of your client sub-accounts also has a wallet balance = "Sub-Account Wallet"

  • The client sub-account wallet balance is maintained by the client having their credit card connected via Stripe

    • Clients can add more funds manually or through setting up custom auto-billing in their account settings.

  • Every time an AI message is sent, the cost of that message will be deducted from the client's wallet balance at the profit margin you set in your agency's SaaS configurator settings.

    • Example: If you set your profit margin to 2x for GPT-4o messages, then your clients will pay you $0.04 /message when you are paying Stammer $0.02 for that message, making you a profit of $0.02 /message.

Add More Funds to Sub-Account Wallet

When the client needs to add more funds to their wallet they can do so manually or through setting up their auto-billing settings.

Adding more funds to the sub-account wallet, will charge the client's credit card on file and your agency's connected Stripe account will receive a new incoming transaction for that amount. Your agency will receive 100% of these funds.

For Subscribers who signed up before July 10th 2024:

The wallet system replaces the old message credits system. Old message credits will be converted to an available wallet balance at $0.003 per message credit for both agencies and sub-accounts. (Example: 500K message credits becomes a wallet balance of $1,500.)

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