💳Connect Stripe

This will show you how to connect Stammer to your Stripe Account.

New Stripe Connection

In order to resell SaaS subscriptions to your clients you need to connect your Stripe account to Stammer. You only have to complete this once.

  1. Click the "Here" button to begin the process.

  1. You will be redirected to Stripe to confirm your business details and connect your billing information.

  1. After you have confirmed your business details with Stripe you will be re-directed back to your dashboard where you should a green "connected" confirmation message (see below). You now have the ability to create new subscription products for your customers.

💸pageCreate Subscription Packages

Existing Stripe Users

If you already have an existing login to Stripe - use that one! It will make everything easier down the road.

When you sign in to your existing Stripe account, Stripe and Stammer will work together in the background to create a new account in your existing Stripe account.

If this is your first time doing this, don't worry, this is pretty standard when using the Stripe Connect feature.

After you create the connection between your white labeled version of Stammer and Stripe, you can login to Stripe to see the new account which should look something like this:

Important Info About Stripe

After you have connected your Stripe to Stammer, it is important that you create and edit all of your subscription products inside the Stammer platform.

If you create products, subscriptions or links directly inside of Stripe and then send to customers to purchase - it will not work.

So be sure to do all of your creating, editing and deleting of subscription products, only inside your Stammer dashboard.

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