Create New Sub-Account (Zapier Example)

Review the process of how to create a new sub-account using the API.

This is for users who want to use an alternative payment system different than Stripe to automatically create new customer sub-accounts for you.

For this example we will be using Gumroad and Zapier to simulate a "new subscription" and the automation for creating a new sub-account.


Step 1. Create the trigger step for your payment gateway (this could be PayPal, Gumroad, LemonSqueezy, Shopify etc.)

Step 2. Create the action step for "POST in Webhooks by Zapier"


Step 3. From the dashboard you will need to copy your API token

Step 4. Next, from the dashboard, copy the API endpoint URL that is for creating a new sub-account.

Step 5. Back in Zapier, paste in the values from Stammer into their corresponding fields.

  • URL = paste in your white label API endpoint URL

  • Payload Type = json

  • Data

    • email (Type: Email, Required)

      • Email address of the SubAccount

    • first_name (Type: String, Optional)

      • First name of the SubAccount

    • last_name (Type: String, Optional)

      • Last name of the SubAccount

    • password (Type: String, Optional)

      • Password of the SubAccount. If not provided, it will be autogenerated.

    • package_tier (Type: Choice, Optional)

      • Package Tier (basic, pro, premium) of the SubAccount, if applicable.

    • subscription_id (Type: String, Optional)

      • Subscription ID of the SubAccount, required only if a package plan is selected.

  • Wrap Request in Array = No

  • File = N/A

  • Unflatten = Yes

  • Basic Auth = N/A

  • Headers = Authorization Token [Your API Token]

Step 6. After you have tested the webhook you should see a successful message that says "sub-account created successfully."

You have now an automation setup to automatically create a new sub-account every time someone makes a purchase in Gumroad.

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