Before the development of voice chatbots, are there plans to enable chatbots to display images and manage structured data like Google Sheets?

Yes, this is something we are working on.

Regarding credit counting, does it mean that it consumes two credits when I ask a question and receive an answer? In the demo, only the number of answers reduces the credits, meaning that only one credit is used in this case.

Credits are only consumed when AI generates a response and the number of credits deducted depends on the model you've selected.

Can credits be allocated to each client as needed in the white-label plan? (i.e. Client A:10,000, Client B: 5,000…etc)

Credits can be allocated as needed to clients.

After clients have used up the allocated 5,000 credits, for example, can they use their Open AI's API for extra exceeding?

They cannot plugin their own API key right now. Clients can buy additional credits in their dashboard.

Starting from the lowest plan for startups, if the number of clients exceeds five, can I upgrade to the next plan,” Agency," even in the middle of the month? How can you calculate the usage fee since I intend to pay quarterly?

The system should credit you the difference if you upgrade in the middle of the quarter. If it does not, reach out to our support team and we will fix it.

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