🫑Agency Quick Start Guide

Follow these easy steps to build, launch, and begin scaling your agency today.

Step 1: Domain Purchase and Setup (Optional)

Begin by purchasing your preferred .ai domain on Namecheap or GoDaddy as Google doesn’t offer .ai url domain endings. This website will serve as your agency's online identity.

Step 2: Create a Google Workspace Account (Optional)

Set up a Google Workspace account for seamless business email and document storage to keep everything organized for your app.

Step 3: Website/ Landing Page Construction

Kickstart your website by creating an engaging home page that clearly communicates your agency's mission, services, and unique value propositions. You can use pretty much anything to create this landing page (we recommend using GHL, Webflow, or Gumroad)

Step 4: Stammer Registration

Register for a Stammer.ai agency account. This will form the backbone of your agency's AI-driven services.

Step 5: Custom Domain Linking

Connect to a custom domain (example: app.yourdomain.com) by adding an β€˜A record’ that points towards to your domain’s DNS settings to activate the white-label version. This means your Stammer services will appear under your new β€œapp.yourdomain.com” agency's brand and domain.

Step 6: Create Your First Sub-account on Stammer

Generate a sub-account for your agency within Stammer. This will allow you to manage your agency's operations separately and create chatbots to help answer questions and about your other services.

Step 7: Embed Your First Chatbot

Create your first AI chatbot using Stammer's platform and embed it into your agency's website. This tool will provide immediate customer support and streamline lead generation.

Step 8: Build Your Subscription Thank-You Page

Create a 'Thank you for subscribing' webpage on your site. This page will serve to acknowledge and welcome new subscribers, fostering a positive start to their journey with your agency. We recommend to include a video that explains what the user’s next steps are.

Step 9: Assemble Your Knowledge Base Page (Optional)

Develop a comprehensive Knowledge Base page on your website. If you’re offering a DIY SaaS, it's a critical resource for customers seeking self-help options or wanting to learn more about your services. Basically film a bunch of Loom videos about how create a chatbot, optimize base system prompt etc.

Step 10: Set Up Stripe Subscriptions

Use Stripe to create various subscription plans for your services. We are currently working on a native Stripe integration that will allow for the auto creation of sub-accounts.

Step 11: Connect Stripe with Your Thank-You Page

Ensure you redirect customers to your 'Thank you for subscribing' page post-purchase by linking it with your Stripe payment link settings. This step helps affirm the successful completion of the transaction.

Step 12: Launch!

Congratulations, you're all set to launch your agency. Welcome to the exciting world of AI-powered services with Stammer!

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