Troubleshooting Custom Domain Deployment DNS Issues

If your domain is not pulling up at all

When troubleshooting Stammer DNS issues, the most important thing to do if your domain is not pulling up at all (i.e., not getting to the Stammer server) is to check your DNS settings. To ensure Stammer works properly, you only need a single A record pointing to the IP address of the Stammer server.

Use a DNS Lookup tool to check the dns records

To check your domain's DNS records, use the DNS lookup tool at Enter your domain in the "Domain name" text box and click "DNS lookup". You should see one A record pointing to the Stammer server's IP address.

If you see no records for your domain

Verify that you correctly added the A record with your DNS provider. If the record was added correctly but is not showing up, it may be due to DNS propagation, which can take some time.

Another issue to look out for is having two A records pointing to different IP addresses or an IPv6 record pointing to another IP address. This will not work and should be avoided.

If the DNS lookup tool shows the correct A record but your domain still isn't pulling up, try accessing the site using an incognito window in your browser. This will rule out any local DNS caching issues.

If your site pulls up but is not showing as secure (https)

If your site pulls up but is not secure (not showing HTTPS), it may be necessary to redeploy. This can happen if the certificate provider could not see your DNS record during the initial deployment, even though Stammer could. Redeploying should resolve this issue.

If you still need help

If you have any additional issues after following these steps, reach out to the Stammer support team for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

In Cloudflare should I turn the Proxy Status to "on"?

The proxy status in Cloudflare determines whether your website's traffic passes through Cloudflare's servers (orange cloud) or goes directly to your website (gray cloud). When turned on, Cloudflare can provide benefits such as improved security, performance, and additional features.

However, when you're troubleshooting issues or setting up DNS records, it can be helpful to temporarily turn off the proxy status (gray cloud). This allows you to isolate any potential problems and ensure that your website is working correctly without Cloudflare's involvement.

Once you've confirmed that your website is functioning properly and your DNS settings are correct, you can then turn the proxy status back on (orange cloud) to take advantage of Cloudflare's features and benefits.

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