AI Messages Costs

The cost of each AI message sent depends on which AI model is being used and will reduce your agency's wallet balance accordingly.

Depending on your plan and what AI model you use determines your cost per AI message sent.

For agencies on the Starter plan and Agency plan your cost per AI message sent will be:

  • GPT-3.5: $0.005 /message

  • GPT-4 Turbo: $0.05 /message

  • GPT-4o: $0.02 /message

  • GPT-4o mini: $0.002 /message

This means when an AI agent in your account sends a message response, a small sum will be deducted from your agency wallet. For example if I use GPT-4o, each message response will reduce my wallet balance by $0.02.

Using OpenAI API to Reduce Message Cost

For subscribers on the Full Saas Mode plan, you can bring your own API key and avoid paying's cost per message entirely. This will set it up so you are paying OpenAI directly for your AI usage.

🔄Bring Your Own OpenAI API Key (Vault)

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