What is Stammer.ai?

Stammer.ai is a software platform that allows you to build and sell AI agents to others all under your own branding (white labeling).

AI agents are the future.

But building an AI agent today can be a bit tricky to figure out if you are not familiar with how AI works, prompting, knowledge bases etc.

Business owners want to focus on their business, not AI.

Most business owners will turn to their agency or their "website guy" and ask, "How do we add AI so it helps my business?"

The website agency now has to figure out a solution to add AI agents to their client's business/ website.

The agency signs up with Stammer.ai, creates custom AI subscription packages that they can upsell to their clients. The agency can build, manage and sell AI agents directly to their clients and keep 100% of the profits.


Right now we are coming out of the era of entirely human-powered work and entering a human/ AI hybrid work era. Eventually the majority of work will be accomplished by AI agents with humans overseeing their work/ output and adjusting.

  • Human Power (All time - Now)

  • Human Power with AI Assist (2024-2028)

  • AI Powered with Human Assist (2025-2030)

More specifically it is becoming extremely clear that AI chatbots are the future of customer support.

When Stammer.ai added a customer support AI chatbot inside our user dashboard, we saw a decrease in customer support tickets of 58%.

Here is another example of a company using AI chatbots today to improve their support and profitability:

Every website/ business will want/need an A.I. chatbot within the next 5 years - because it will save them millions of dollars in support costs (see Klarna's $40M savings).

With Stammer.ai, you can now create, manage and sell (for whatever price you want) custom AI agents to businesses that will also save them a ton of money.

👉 Stammer.ai is a white label platform for building and selling AI agents to businesses.

Example Use Case of Stammer.ai

  • A web development agency's clients want AI chatbots for their websites.

  • The agency can use Stammer.ai to create these chatbots under their own brand by adding their name, logo, and domain.

  • They can then sell these chatbots to their clients at any price they choose.

  • Their client reaps the benefits (like the ones mentioned above) and the agency increases their monthly recurring revenue.

Benefits of AI agents

  • AI agents answer common questions instantly, saving time.

  • AI agents handle a massive number of conversations simultaneously.

  • AI agents match human agents in customer satisfaction.

  • AI agents make fewer mistakes, meaning fewer repeat questions.

  • AI agents work 24/7 in any time zone and can speak any language.

  • AI agents help increase company profits.

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