What is Stammer.ai?

Getting Started with Stammer.ai

A.I. chatbots are the future of customer support. Here is an example of a company using AI today:

Every website/ business will want/need an A.I. chatbot within the next 5 years - because it will save them millions of dollars in support costs (see Klarna's $40M savings).

With Stammer.ai, you can now create, manage and sell (for whatever price you want) custom A.I. chatbots to businesses that will also save them a ton of money.

👉 Stammer.ai is a white label platform for building and selling A.I. chatbots to businesses.

Example Use Case of Stammer.ai

  • A web development agency's clients want AI chatbots for their websites.

  • The agency can use Stammer.ai to create these chatbots under their own brand by adding their name, logo, and domain.

  • They can then sell these chatbots to their clients at any price they choose.

  • Their client reaps the benefits (like the ones mentioned above) and the agency increases their monthly recurring revenue.

Benefits of A.I.

  • AI chatbots answer common questions instantly, saving time.

  • AI chatbots handle a massive number of conversations simultaneously.

  • AI chatbots match human agents in customer satisfaction.

  • AI chatbots make fewer mistakes, meaning fewer repeat questions.

  • AI chatbots work 24/7 in any time zone and can speak any language.

  • AI chatbots help increase company profits.

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