Set Up

Can I create multiple chatbots for each client? For example, can I make them one customer support chatbot and one sales chatbot? And if so, can I have it made available to them under the same dashboard (sub-account)?

Yes, you can create as many chatbots as you'd like per client. That being said, one chatbot can do both sales and service if you prompt it to do so.

Can I brand/customize their sub-account dashboard with their branding, logos and so forth?

You cannot customize their subaccount at this time, but you can customize the client's chatbots within their subaccount.

How does the Β«workflowΒ» of your system work, do I make the chatbots in the agency admin account then allocate the chatbots to various sub-accounts?

Our recommendation would be to create the client's chatbot within their specific subaccount.

Can I create default prompts specifically for each chatbot / sub-account or is there one master default prompt that reigns supreme?

We have the marketplace available to you as the agency which acts as a prompt library so that you can pull prompts that we've found to work well with the different functionalities. This will help speed up the chatbot creation process, although each client will have some prompt customization that needs to happen as every business and their processes may vary slightly.

My clients are Norwegian and so are there customers. How can I make sure that the outputs given by the chatbot are in Norwegian?

Add this into the base system prompt that you want the chatbot to respond in the language that is is spoken to. If someone asks the chatbot a question in Norwegian, then the bot will respond in Norwegian.

Is it also possible to have the dashboard information be in Norwegian?

We are currently working to add more languages to the dashboard, we can add Norwegian to the list.

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