Free Trial Settings (No CC Req.)

This enables agencies to offer a no credit card required free trial for people to sign up for a new account under their white label branding.

Free Trial Settings are apart of the White Label Suite and is only available for subscribers on the Agency Plan or Full SaaS Mode.

For example, if I wanted to allow accounts to sign up and create a new account to experience the benefits of a custom AI agent before purchasing.

This would allow me to set a certain amount of AI agents, storage (characters) and/ or amount of days for a free trial. Agencies can use this to create a fully usage based free trial.

Free Trial Options

Agencies have multiple ways to create free trials for their clients.

Usage Based Free Trial, No Credit Card

  • Users sign up to your agency's white label dashboard gets a certain amount of complimentary credit added to their sub-account wallet balance. This wallet balance credit is used to pay for the AI agent messages sent in their sub-account. Once their wallet balance runs out they will need to upgrade to one of your paid packages.

Time Based (Usage Based Optional), Credit Card Required

  • Users click on a payment link and are prompted to enter in their information and credit card info to sign up to your agency's white label dashboard. The system wont charge them until the amount of days has expired. Alternatively if complimentary credit is given to the sub-account then they will be able to send messages.

Time Based, No Credit Card

Time Based, Credit Card Required

Usage Based or Time Based, No Credit Card

Usage Based or Time Based, Credit Card Required

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