Auto Billing

For agencies and sub-accounts, Auto Billing can be found by navigating to Account > Billing Usage & Settings > Auto Billing.

Agency Auto Billing for Wallet

Your agency's wallet is charged for each AI message sent. You set a minimum balance threshold and a recharge amount. When the wallet balance falls below the threshold, your credit card is automatically charged with the recharge amount. For example, if you set a $10 threshold and $50 recharge, your card will be charged $50 when the balance drops below $10.

Agency Auto Billing for Characters

If an agency runs out of available characters to cover a new AI Agent's knowledge base, the system will look at the agency's auto-billing settings and reduce the agency's wallet balance accordingly for the amount of characters the agency has set. For example, when your storage balance is less than 100,000 characters, your wallet will be charged $5 and 1,000,000 characters will be added to your storage balance.

Agency Auto Billing for Extra AI Agents

Billed through Wallet. If you need more available agents you can purchase them here or upgrade to the full saas mode plan and get unlimited agents at no additional cost.

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