AI Agents Costs

If you are on the Starter Plan or the Agency Plan, (you or your clients) may want to create more AI agents than you have available in your subscription plan. You can purchase additional AI agents at any time. The cost of these additional AI agents will reduce your wallet balance.

1 Additional AI Agent costs $10 per month deducted from your wallet balance.

Manually Purchase More AI Agents

To purchase more AI agents manually go to Account > Billing Usage & Settings > Auto Billing > Extra AI Agents and then click on the green button that says "Add AI Agents".

A pop-up will show with options to purchase additional AI agents. All options will provide additional AI agents at $10 /month per AI agent. This $10 /month will be deducted from your agency's wallet balance.

Purchase More AI Agents Automatically (As Needed)

Another way to purchase more AI agents,

AI Agent Cost for Full SaaS Mode Users

If you are on the Full SaaS Mode plan you have unlimited AI agents included with your plan, so you don't need to worry about purchasing any additional AI agents.

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