AI Agent Rebilling - Add Ons

Sell Additional AI Agents to Clients

When a client sub-account needs to purchase additional AI agents they can do so at this price. When they purchase, the amount will be reduced from their wallet balance and the number of available AI agents will increase.

FAQ - AI Agents Re-Billing

How does AI Agents re-billing work?

  • Clients can purchase extra AI agents from your agency at your set price.

How are my client's charged?

  • When clients buy extra AI agents, their wallet is charged based on your price.

How am I (the agency) charged?

  • The AI agents are deducted from your balance. If you're on Full SaaS Mode, you have an unlimited balance of AI agents.

Will my credit card be charged?

  • No, the $10/mo cost (per 1 additional AI agent) will be deducted from your wallet balance. Full Saas Mode users will not have their wallet balance deducted, because they have unlimited AI agents included at no extra charge.

Example Scenario

  • A client wants to purchase 5 additional AI agents from your agency. In this scenario where they might need more AI agents then provided in their plan, they can purchase more AI agents from you for the amount you set. Their sub-account wallet is billed and the agency balance of AI agents is reduced accordingly.

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