Lead Collection Form Fields

Describing what each of the form fields represent.

Predefined Fields

Create your own custom field OR pick a predefined field to auto-fill its corresponding values.

Collection Method

Select the method used for collecting data.

In Form Collection

This will create a custom form that is shown to users before a conversation is started with a chatbot.

In Chat Collection

This will train the AI chatbot to ask the user these questions inside the chat conversation.

Field Label

Enter the label to be displayed for the field and will be shown to users.

Field Key

An auto-generated unique key for the field. This will be used as a key in lead collection data, e.g., 'first_name'. (Not shown to users)

Field Type

Select the type of the field. (This is only for form based questions)

Field Placeholder

Enter placeholder text to be displayed in the field. (This is only for form based questions)

Field Order

Enter a positive integer to determine the display order of this field in the form. Fields with lower numbers will appear first. (This is only for form based questions)

Is Required

Check if the field is mandatory. (This is only for form based questions)

Example of In Chat Lead Questions

Example of In Form Lead Questions

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