💽Data Storage (Characters)

Storage (characters) refers to the amount of text uploaded to an AI agent's knowledge base. Characters are the unit of storage. This definition is 154 characters long.

When you create an AI agent, upload data or scrape a website to add that information to the AI agent's knowledge base. It's all based in text and the amount of characters in that text.

For example if you scrape your website, the AI agent will look at all of the text on the page and use those characters.

What is 1,000,000 characters equivalent to?

  • 1 million characters of storage is roughly equal to 100 website pages, or about 2,500 pages from a book.

Agency Storage Balance

Agencies who sign up with Stammer.ai will receive a starting storage balance of available characters to use across their AI agents and sub-accounts.

Starting Storage Balance for Starter Plan = 5,000,000 Characters

Starting Storage Balance for Agency Plan = 20,000,000 Characters

Starting Storage Balance for Full SaaS Mode = 50,000,000 Characters

Storage (Characters) Example

Reselling Additional Storage

Agencies can sell additional storage to their clients as needed.

Storage (Characters) - Add Ons

FAQ - Storage Re-Billing

How does storage re-billing work?

  • When a client needs to add more information to an AI agent's knowledge base they can purchase more characters from your agency at whatever profit margin you set.

How are my client's charged?

  • When a client purchases more storage from you, their wallet will be deducted.

How am I (the agency) charged?

  • The amount of storage the client purchases will be deducted from your. storage balance.

Will my credit card be charged?

  • No, the $5/month cost (per 1M characters) will be deducted from your wallet balance.

Example Scenario

  • A client wants to upload thousands of documents or scrape thousands of web pages and add all of that data to an AI agent's knowledge base. In this scenario where they might exceed the default amount of storage (characters) provided in their plan, they can purchase more characters from you for the amount you set.

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