Add AI Agent Q/A via API

This is how you automatically add more Question and Answer (Q/A) data to an AI agent's knowledge base via your white label API.

Add Q/A to chatbot via API

You can interact with this API by sending a POST request. This API allows you to train your chatbot with given a Question and Answer.

API Endpoint

The following endpoint/URL should be used in order to access this API:

Request Headers

The API must have the following request headers:

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Token <Your-API-Token>

Request Body

The API requires the following parameters in the request body:

  • chatbot_uuid (Type: UUID, Required)

    Unique identifier (UUID) of the chatbot. You can find this UUID on the chatbot's detail page.

  • question (Type: String, Required)

    Question to train chatbot. Must be under 5000 characters.

  • answer (Type: String, Required)

    Answer of the above question to the chatbot. Must be under 5000 characters.

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