Auto Billing

This explains how auto billing can be setup for your agency.

Make sure your agency and your clients never run out of message credits ever again!

Auto-Billing for Agencies

Auto-billing will be triggered for agencies under these circumstances:

  • A client sub-account attempts to purchase any package (subscription, extra chatbots, additional credits), and the agency lacks enough chatbots or credits.

  • An existing sub-account (subscriber) receives monthly credits, but the agency is short on credits.

  • The agency's chatbot is queried, but there aren't enough credits.

Auto-Billing for Sub-Accounts

  • Sub-accounts can only view and activate auto-billing IF their parent agency has it enabled and offers packages for additional credits.

  • For sub-accounts, auto-billing is triggered in this sole situation:

    • Their chatbot is queried, but they run out of credits.

Auto-Billing Mechanics

  • For Chatbots: Only the necessary chatbots will be subscribed. For instance, if a user has 5 chatbots and their customer wants 10, 5 chatbots will be auto-billed. The customer receives all 10, leaving the user with none.

  • For Credits: Given our varied packages, the system will determine which package to purchase. The necessary credits will be deducted, and any surplus credits will be added to the user's account.

  • In all scenarios, auto-billing will be initiated first. The account owner will then be informed/notified, and the process will continue seamlessly without disruption.

Auto-Billing Example

  • Your agency currently has 9,000 available message credits.

  • A new customer signs up on one of your plans that includes 10,000 message credits.

  • The Stammer AI system will determine that you only need 1,000 more message credits.

    • The system will then compare the fact that you only need 1,000 more message credits with the additional credit packages (2,000 message credits for $10).

    • The system will then auto-bill your agency's credit card for $10 and add 2,000 credits to your agency pool.

  • Your agency now has 11,000 message credits available.

  • Your customer would then automatically receive their 10,000 credits.

  • Your agency is now left with 1,000 credits in your available balance.

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