How to Price Your A.I. Chatbots

One of the most common questions agencies have about is "how do I price the subscription tiers for my customers?".

This can be a bit confusing if you are new to white labeling SaaS.

But we are here to help break it down and simplify!

In general you should sell each A.I. Agent for at least $99 /mo.

On average most agencies will sell individual A.I. Agents for $250 /mo and offer additional credits to their clients for $0.009 per credit (3x margin).

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3

$99 /mo - $299 /mo

$299 /mo - $599 /mo

$499 /mo - $2999+ /mo

1 - 5 A.I. Agents

10 - 20 A.I. Agents

20+ A.I. Agents

1K - 5K Credits

10K - 20K Credits

20K - 50K+ Credits

Additional A.I. Agents are priced at $25 /month /agent.

Additional Credits are priced at $0.01 /credit.

Using these two prices as the benchmarks for your subscriptions and additional credits you can easily figure our how much you would like to charge your clients.

Startup Costs

As an agency with Stammer there are two levels of cost.

The first level = base subscription cost.

  • This is the main subscription cost agencies pay every month/quarter/year

  • This cost will be different for each agency based on the plan you select (and when you signed up - thank you early adopters!)

Usage Based Costs

The second level = usage based costs.

  • Understanding your usage based costs is key to ensuring you're profitable.

  • Usage based costs are for when your customers will need additional A.I. Agents, Message Credits & Storage.

  • These usage based costs are very important to keep in mind, because it's how most agencies calculate their profit margins at scale.

Agency Example

Let's say I'm an agency on the Full SaaS Mode plan who is paying $497/mo, billed quarterly, which includes 100 A.I. Agents and 100K Credits.

This means my startup costs are the following:

  • My Total Monthly Cost = $497 /mo

  • 100 Agents with 100K Credits means each Agents gets 1K Credits to start

  • My Cost per Agent (with 1K Credits) = $4.97 /mo /agent

Profit Margin

I know that if I sell a subscription for $99 /mo and it includes 1 A.I. Agent and 1K credits my profit will be a staggering $95 per customer, per month.

Now let's say I sell this $99 /mo package with 1 Agent and 1K credits to a new customer and this customer very quickly needs to purchase more credits from me.

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