🔄Bring Your Own OpenAI API Key (Vault)

Agencies who are subscribed to Stammer.ai's Full SaaS Mode ($497/mo) or Enterprise plans are able to use their own OpenAI API key for generating the responses.

When an OpenAI API key has been enabled, the agency will pay OpenAI directly for usage instead of Stammer.ai.

Only for Full SaaS Mode Subscribers with their OpenAI API - When you have your API key enabled, your cost per AI message sent will vary greatly depending on the length of the query, length of the message response, size of the prompt, data in knowledge base and conversation history.

Why would I want to use my own API key?

Using your own OpenAI API key will reduce your overall usage cost since you are paying OpenAI directly instead of paying Stammer.ai a static cost per message (ex: GPT-4o = $0.02 /message).

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