💸Create Subscription Packages

These are the subscription packages you create and sell to others.

This will show you how to create custom subscription products for your customers to purchase.

If you have no intention of reselling Stammer as your own SaaS then you can disregard this page.

Important: You must connect your Custom Domain and Stripe account first in order to see this page.

What are Subscription Packages?

Subscription packages are the different tiered plans that customers purchase from you and your agency. It allows you to set your own monthly price and the amount of chatbots and message credits you want to allocate to each of your subscription plans.

Create New Subscription Package

Package Name

This is the name of the subscription package you and the customer will see.

Package Tier

Select from the 3 options of Basic, Pro and Premium to showcase the order of your subscription plans.

Package Price

This is the amount that your customers will pay you, per month.


This is the currency that your customers will see when purchasing.

The following currencies are supported:

  • US Dollar ($)

  • British Pound (£)

  • Euro (€)

  • Canadian Dollar (CA$)


Price of the subscription package.


Number of credits included in the subscription package.

Package Description

This is an optional field where you can give a description of the package. This should be a very short, single sentence. You can create a list of features using the Package features down below.

Package Features

This is a list of features for the subscription plan. List of package features, each separated by comma. e.g: Unlimited Website Embeddings, 24/7 Customer Support, API Access.

You can add anything you want in here based on how you are structuring your offer.

After you have created the new subscription package you will see the new product containing all of the information and text you added in the last step.

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