How to Build an A.I. Agent

IMPORTANT: This Tutorial is currently in development

  1. Create your Base System Prompt

    1. Understand what model to use

      1. GPT-4 Turbo is best for most use cases

      2. GPT 3.5 Can be good if you have a simple customer service use case

    2. Write your prompt in English (then tell it to translate)

    3. Use markdown to better structure things

  2. Connect your Data Sources

    1. Remember, you must get clean data into the bot

  3. Get the A.I. Agent Answering Questions Accurately FIRST

    1. Use Debug Mode if anything is not answering properly

      1. If the bot is not answering correctly then you need to:

        1. Get better data into the bot

        2. Add the question to your data with the appropriate answer

  4. Setup Lead Collection OR Appointment Scheduling

    1. Lead Collection

    2. Appointment Sched

      1. Understand limitations

      2. Consider alternative link based approach

That is all folks!

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