Model Version

Select the AI LLM model you wish to use for your AI chatbots.

What is a Model?

The word 'model' refers to the different AI software being used to power your AI Agents.

What's the Difference?

Each model comes with its own unique cost and abilities. As of writing this (4/8/24) the most powerful AI model is GPT-4 Turbo and the most affordable AI model is GPT-3.5.

This is where you can select between the current available models from OpenAI.


  • 1 response = 1 message credit

  • Best used for simple uses cases

GPT-4 Turbo

The most powerful model to use for advanced uses cases and function calling.

  • 1 response = 10 message credits

  • Best used for all use cases


(Being depreciated soon)

  • 1 response = 25 message credits

  • This is the most expensive model

  • Best used for low-volume use cases

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