🔧AI Agent Details

Control and update the name, description, display name and more for your AI Agent.

This is the most important area for your AI chatbot because it is where you will customize the AI agent for each client/ business.


This is the internal name of the chatbot in your account. This name is not seen by users as long as a display name is added as well.

Display Name

This is the name shown to users on the chat widget.

This user-visible name represents your chatbot. We advise including 'Al' for clarity. If this is not set, then Chatbot's name will be shown.

Initial Messages

Enter the chatbot's initial message(s) to users, separated by a new line for multiple messages.

This message greets users upon their initial interaction with the chatbot. To add multiple messages, separate them by new lines.

Initial Messages Popup Delay

Time in seconds for auto-showing initial message pop-up. Negative value disables it.

Conversation Starters

Predefined clickable messages for user prompts. Separate multiple messages with new lines.

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