Create Sub-Account

Manually create a new client sub-account.

Depending on your subscription level, you have the ability to add an unlimited number of client sub-accounts.

Each sub-account can have an unlimited number of chatbots (depending on your account level each additional chatbot will cost ~$10 /mo /chatbot.

How to manually add a new sub-account:

  1. In your agency dashboard click the β€˜Create New Sub-Account’

  2. Enter sub-account details. Sub-account name

    1. Sub-account description

    2. Sub-account admin name and email (this will assign the sub-account admin account permissions to this user)

  3. Provide sub-account admin with their user login details

  4. After a new sub-account is created and you share the login info with your clients.

  5. Your clients can now login to their sub-account admin account to login, configure their dashboard, and create their first chatbot within their sub-account.

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